Mobile Self Storage  |  Our Prices

Local Move

3 Day Move14 Day Move1 Month Move
16' Container$309$349$429
20' Container$349$389$479
20' w/ Doors Each End$359$399$$489

Self Storing

3 Day Rental14 Day Rental1 Month RentalMonthly Rental
16' On Your Site$210$250$330$150
20' On Your Site$250$290$379$199
16' Mobile 1 Secured Facility$408$448$528$150
20" Mobile 1 Secured Facility$448$488$577$199


Commercial Storage

First MonthEach Addt'l Month
20' Sea/Land-Onsite
40' Sea/Land-Onsite

*All delivery fees are based off of 20 miles or under from Mobile 1 Storage. Additional miles will be charged at $3.00 per mile, billed on 28-day cycle