Commercial On Site Storage Options

Need Commercial Storage in Chippewa Falls, WI? 

Looking for that heavy-duty container for that construction job? Mobile 1 Commercial On-Site Storage is the solution for you. 

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Mobile 1 Commercial Storage

Do you need a storage solution for that construction or remodeling job you are working on? Mobile 1 Storage has the right solution for your commercial storage needs, with two types of containers available. Our premium containers are great for off site storage as we are able to move these containers after they have been filled and store them at our secured facility. Add and remove items as you need to and enjoy the many benefits of our premium containers with these great benefits.

Why Mobile 1 Commercial Storage? 

✔Available in 16' or 20' models ✔All-Steel Containers
✔Same-Day Drop-Off
✔4-Week Rentals Available
✔No-Tilt Pick-Up and Delivery
✔Competitive Prices
✔Units with Doors on Both Ends available

Secure Today

Mobile 1 Storage offers onsite commercial storage solutions that are secure, convenient, and affordable.

We'll deliver the container right to your business or work site for you to use at your own convenience.

Shipping Container Storage

The most popular commercial mobile storage container would be our shipping containers that are a heavy-duty economical storage container that are used for on-site storage only. These containers are built for the ruggedness of commercial job sites. Enjoy the great features of these units.

✔Available in 20' & 40' lengths (20' being the most popular)
✔8' wide by 8.5' tall
✔Heavy duty 14 gauge corrugated walls
✔Lockable double doors on one end
✔Wood floor
✔Brand new clean containers (1 ship)

Simple, Affordable Pricing

20' Shipping Container - On-site Storage

4-Week Rate - $119.99

40' Shipping Container - On-site Storage

4-Week Rate - $199.99

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